Fitzpatrick's Home Watch Services,

A service of Fitzpatrick Real Estate Group


Why not use a professional property manager to watch your home? I know the in's and outs, the legalities and have professional liability and E&O insurance. Your home is also your investment, protect it.

I live, work and play in The Villages Community!


Your WEEKLY inspections include but are not limited to:

� Inspection of Kitchen & Baths for leaks, mold, pests. Run water at each location.

� Inspection of Refrigerator, AC/Heating, change filters (if provided), adjust temperatures according to season.

� Replace Batteries in smoke detectors if needed.

� Check ceiling fans, lights and switches.

� Inspection of Lawn, weeds, trimmings, any signs of pest problems

� Monitor Irrigation System

� Visual Inspection for any outside damage to home.

� Remove any debris ...newspapers etc, sweep front entry area.

� Drive Golf Cart around block (if requested). Advise of any obvious maintenance issues.

� Accept deliveries at my location on your behalf and deliver to your home on next visit.

� Monthly Fee is $40.00

Additional Services:

� Set up house cleaning prior to your arrival. You will receive an estimate for approval.

� Arrange for any deliveries, maintenance / contractor work, pool service, house cleaning, etc. $25.00 first hour/per-occurrence, $8.00 for any additional hour.

� Single month Home Watch Service flat fee is $50.00.

We have licensed and Insured Vendor's that will be happy to give you estimates